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Peace. My name is Kim Joyce. Actually my name is Kimberly Joyce Wilburn. I am a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. If you were to ask me what style of music I do, I would say, I do “music”. I mean, you can say that I have a soulful voice, but I don’t consider myself neo soul. I like to play with music, all styles. I like to play with jazz, hip hop, classical, a little folk and alternative, throw a little sex music in there as well, lol, fuse it all together, and thats me baby! Kim Joyce. Word on the street is, with me, you get little bit of familiarity, but you still appreciate the uniqueness, and the connection we experience through my music. I truly believe there is something unique and special in all of us, and that it the most high meets you 50% by giving you a gift or a talent, and that if you meet the other 50% through hard work, sacrifice, and focus, mixed with positivity, sincerity, love, and passion, you can do, be, and have anything you desire. Most importantly, you can have it all without sacrificing who you are and what you stand for.


I grew up singing in my fathers church in Detroit, Michigan. I didn’t focus off singing right away though. I spent my childhood and teenage years playing basketball. Watching “Hoop Dreams” 1000 times definitely paid off, because I received a full Scholarship to The Ohio State University. Go Bucks! (had to throw that in there). I left Wheeeee Ohio State University as the Career Steals Leader, with a couple Big Ten Titles, a Defensive Player of the Year Award, and an Economics Degree. In 2004 while still attending and playing for Ohio State, I joined an alternative hip hop band called La Quest. We played together until early 2006. At that time I decided to pursue a solo career in music.


My brother-in-law had some recording equipment, a motif ES6, an Akai MPC 2000, and pro tools. I decided to write and produce my first album. It was called Kimberly Joyce. Clever huh :). After “Kimberly Joyce”, I released a mixtape in 2009 called Different Sides of Sexy, put together by DJ Dommy Styles, and Hosted by DJ Holiday. In 2010, I released my first full album, “Eleven”. Later that year I released another mixtape called “Tomboy Swag” put together by Hitmen DJ, Da Hitman. Today my latest project released is “Unstoppable” the EP. Since Unstoppable, my latest works today are Crowd Pleaser and We The People, my first two singles off my up and coming album and as well the first two songs released under my label, Peace Baby Records.


Currently, I am an independent artist, enjoying the journey. The journey of making my own rules, being as free as can be, and connecting with people on intimate levels.

Welcome to the Kim Joyce experience.