Oh Why Visual 

Definitely one of my favorite songs... hands down.  Love the bounce, the message, the production, how I produced it, .  In honor of Black History month, I shot this visual whith my bro Will (Wl.Daniels Photography).  Krystal J (Kgalactica) laced some fire trumpet melodies too!  Hope ya'll enjoy!


"Moolah" on a Monday 

Check out this song I did and never released.  Still an anthem of mines.  Click on the pic to catch the vibez!  S/O Young Greatness for the inspiration.  Have a GREAT week.  Peace! 


Your music dealer,


Writing exercise #3 

1 hr writing exercises.  Exercise #3.  I found this beat on YouTube last night.  Produced by N-Soul Beatz.  I dug the vibe on this one. Let me know if you digs.